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The Rise & Shine team are passionate about our local community and want to provide education and treatments that help individuals realise the magnificent machines our bodies are and improve how they perform.

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Meet Dr Elise!

Welcome, I’m Dr Elise Mangan and I graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University with a Masters in Clinical Chiropractic and an Excellence in Clinical Diagnostics Award.

I grew up in the South Burnett enjoying many sporting and community involvements but not having been exposed to Chiropractic care. 

Upon graduating school, I had a keen interest in the human body and how it works, connecting with people and how training and conditioning can improve performance not just in sport but in everyday life.

I picked up the phone and called a Chiropractor who had been suggested to me and arranged time to spend with them working in their clinic to gain experience knowledge of Chiropractic care and techniques.

This helped me gain an understanding of how this differed from Physiotherapy which at this time was also of interest to me.

It also excited me the potential that could be outlayed to my community to all age groups.

I was absolutely blown away as to why I had never been exposed to Chiropractic care and the benefits which can be achieved through this while attending school and from my involvement in sport.

This ignited my passion for the field of Chiropractic and my mission to guide and educate people especially in our regional community of the South Burnett.


Meet Dr Aaron

Dr Aaron Watts BHSc (Acu) Acupuncturist

It was while working in the Fitness Industry for 13 years Aaron first became interested in Acupuncture and how it may aid in managing injury and illness.  Aaron has a particular interest in how Acupuncture can be used with pain management and digestion issues.  Aaron has seen people close to him having to live with pain, and he understands how it makes day to day life challenging.  Whether the pain is acute or chronic, a pain management plan is important and should encompass mental and physical care.

Research into the effectiveness of Acupuncture treatments has been conducted extensively over the last few decades and has shown Acupuncture is able to release or regulate the body’s own opioids and other biochemicals involved in pain reduction.

One thing Aaron can assure you of is that you will never find his humour painful, unless you laugh too much.

Rise & Shine

The beautiful practice was once the home to Dr Elise Mangan’s Grandparents, Lexie & Jim Mangan.  The home has been lovingly renovated to provide a professional clinic setting for our patients whilst still encompassing the welcoming and relaxed family home atmosphere.

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Meet the Team

Sharon Mangan

Sharon Mangan

Chiropractic Assistant

Louise Schimke

Louise Schimke

Chiropractic Assistant

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We love getting to know the local community and helping the people in it!


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